Tuesday, April 12, 2011

AlDerwaza "Age of The Plague" Kuwait 1831

This is the book I picked up from Virgins.
I feel even the title is lost in transaltion.
This is the Arabic cover
I am swept into "AlDerwaza" Age of the Plague, Kuwait 1831, by Kuwaiti Author Haitham Boodai. A very intriguing sad story, shedding light on Kuwait in the year 1831, when it was hit by the Plague. It is the first time I heard of it, and that was what pulled me into the story, very heart breaking, so far. I hope there will be a happy ending. My only pet peeve, and it is very annoying, is the translation of the book. Sometimes sentences and paragraphs don't make any sense and I have to reread them several times just to decode their meaning. I am a Kuwaiti and I get the meaning sometimes, but what if a Westerner picked up the book and isn't familiar with certain Kuwaiti phrasing. If this book is properly edited, it will become a bestseller and win international prizes!!! So I hope Mr. Haitham Boodai will hire a proper editor and reprint his books in English, 'cause the stories are really worth it! I do recommend this book, a very interesting story which takes part in the history of Kuwait.

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