Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tidbits Here & There

Recap on 2011's resolution.

We started our fourth month of this year and so far I haven't committed to any of my resolutions! I am disappointed with myself. Last year I had more resolutions and I committed to them, and it felt so good to achieve some of them.

This is what I had for this year,

1-Lose weight. (I haven't been committed to my weight loss regime. I'm too afraid to go to my nutritionist. I know she will yell and put me on a nasty strict diet. So I have to go back to my old diets and try to stick to them this year. I even have to put my #1 saboteur, Fahad, on a diet. )

2- Saving money. Yes, I'm still spending, but not as much as I used to. I've read that if I put a weekly budget , let's say, on grocery shopping I'd be saving at least 25% from what I usually spend.

3- Staying away from magazines and little note books. God! I was in this stationary shop in Rome and they had the most beautiful collection of note books small, big, paper and leather covers in every color. But I resisted. I think I entered that shop three times, because it was near our hotel, but stopped myself from buying anything. However, I've been going crazy over magazines. Last year it was one of the resolutions I've silently promised myself to stick to, and I did. This year I put it on paper and I'm out of control! So I'm going to use reverse psychology on myself: It is ok to indulge on magazines every now and then. Hmm let's see if this will work.

4-Finish what I've started. Hopefully I'd be done with one project this week, and I have three more. Two are easy and I'll finish in no time if I concentrate on them. The last will take time.

5- Do something different. So far I haven’t done anything different. I have to think of something, any suggestions?


Last week I've started a cleansing diet. But everything went downhill on the fourth day when Fahad ordered Pizza and brought back with him the new Gelato summery flavors we were working on to try. Then next thing I know, I went on a rampage in our pantry. Even the kids treats didn't survive. This week, I'm starting all over again, but this time I'm making Fahad go through it with me. I challenged him that he doesn't have the resolve to go through the diet I'm going through. I know one thing. My husband is very stubborn, and will go through the diet without complaining. So we'll see how it will end up ;)

I dream of a clutter free dressing room

Cleaning up after the dust storm gave me the opportunity to de-clutter my dressing room. I always wanted to get rid of certain things but I keep on putting it off. Clearing my dressing room needs a lot of time and energy! Its taking almost a week to go through my stuff and I still haven't sorted my shoe closet. Yes, my dressing room is large, and what's driving Fahad crazy is I never have anything to wear! Another funny thing is when we went to our beach vacation last December, I was puzzled wondering where my trendy beach clothes went??? Now that I'm clearing my closets…they are here in front of me!!! Bummer!

Shout Out!

Congrats to my cousin Nofa for getting her MBA! You are a true inspiration to us lazy lot :***

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