Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A New Member In The Family

Ahmed...knowing his way around the shop.
One of my friends sent me a message asking me if I wanted a hamster for the boys. I agreed. Few days later after picking the cage, I was surprised to find out there were three hamsters. I was too embarrassed to tell my friend, so I took them anyway, though the cage wasn't big for three hamsters and it was too much responsibility.
Fahad was against it when he found out what I brought home. He even scolded me. "Isn't it enough we have two puppies!" (He means by the boys)
"Come on, one of my fondest memories as a child is having pets. You know that 'cause I always tell you about our Sunday trips to the market and stopping at the pet shops." I told him.
"They stink!" He knows how I hate bad smells. But I didn't mind the smell.
Yes the cage needs cleaning up, and they need wood chips and healthy food.
The next morning I took my little Prince Ahmed and went to Pet Zone. Ahmed decided the hamsters are his and not his brother's and named the three of them "Fluffy".
It was a first for me, but my sister always go there for her pets and their food, and apparently she had taken the boys with her few times, because Ahmed knew his way around.
Dr. Mohammed Rouab is a veterinarian and manager at the shop. He is so nice and friendly. He recognized me as Dana's sister right away (lucky me if I looked half as good as my sis.) He checked out the hamsters they were all in good health. He was also kind enough to take two of them, and I kept one. He gave me advice on what to do and how many and how to clean the cage. He showed me around the shop and introduced me to the sweetest puppies, birds and fish. If only I had enough space in my home I'd have adopted a puppy or two.
Later that evening, the boys were still at the their grandparents house, I was working and Fahad was watching TV.
"Where is the hamster?" he asks.
"In the boys room." "She might be lonely by herself, bring here with us, with a little noise around her she wouldn't feel left out."
I started laughing. Fahad has warmed up to our new pet. Fulffy is officially a member of our family! He played with her until the boys came back home.
The two other Fluffys we gave up. I loved the display cage at
the shop. I might do something similar when I finish my terrace and add more hamsters.
I loved the fish tanks display and the many fish collections
they have.
They had tanks filled with colorful corals.
Everything your pet desires. The cutest puppy ever!
And here is another darling!
Pet Zone
AlRai, Block 1, St. 22
(opposite of Daham store)
Tel. 24719246

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