Sunday, April 10, 2011

Movie Reviews

When the boys are all in bed, everything is quiet and I get to enjoy some time watching movies uninterrupted with a bowl of Light Popcorn and Diet Cranberry juice ;) Most of you, by now, has watched these movies and this is what I thought of them.
The King's Speech:
Not what I expected. It was even better than I thought.
It is deeper and heartbreaking than what the trailers made me think of it. An incredible performance by Colin Firth and Jeffery Rush.
I loved this movie. I couldn't stop talking about it
to everyone I met the next day. I was sitting on the edge
of my seat through the whole movie and cheering during the races.
Tron Legacy:
I can't remember why I was so fascinated with the movie back in 1982.
I remember I watched it three times. This part wasn't that bad.
I felt the story wasn't strong or intriguing enough.
Special effects were good. I guess I'm getting old :s
Red Riding Hood:
I had high expectations for this movie. I was even going to fly to Dubai to watch it uncensored. Then one morning I saw an interview for the movie and was disappointed to find out that Catherine Hardwick was the director. Twilight diehard fans will know what I mean. The movie had an amazing cast, but it fell short for me. I was bored half way through. It could have been better if they brought Chris Weitz or David Slade to direct it, at least they did a great job by saving the Twilight Saga. I hope if there is a sequel to the movie they'd chose some different director.
That was a fun movie to watch. Actually I watched twice, the first time in the evening and the second time was the next day while exercising. I loved the music and the shows, the dancing and costumes. Christina's acting was so and so, but she had Cher, Kristen Bell, Cam Gigandet (sigh) and Eric Dane, to make up for her lack of experience. Oh!!! And how can I forget Stanley Tucci, I love him!!!!
The Town:
It was an Ok movie. I loved Jeremy Renner and Jon Hamm
but the ending was so and so…

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