Friday, April 22, 2011

Ritzy Chicken Strips

Nigellas Ritzy Chicken Strips
I saw this recipe on Eating is Believing blog. It is very easy to make, but the chicken should be prepared the night before for best resaults.
I add few touches of my own to the recipe.
You find the recipe here.
First I pounded the chicken (a very good stress reliever) to tenderize it,
before adding it to the buttermilk and I added two minced garlic cloves to the marinated, covered it and placed it in fridge for the next day.
To my Ritz crushed crackers, I added three teaspoons of dried oregano, for added flavor, on the first batch. The second batch of crushed crackers,
I added the same amount of oregano and three table spoons
of grated Parmesan cheese.
Buttermilk chicken ready to get covered with the cracker mix
Ready for the oven...
For sauce, I was inspired by Prime & Toast's ranch and mango chutney sauce. At Sultan I picked this mango chili sauce and mixed it with Ranch dressing.
It was unbelievably Yummy!!!
Although a bit spicy, but the boys enjoyed it very much.
Et Voila


  1. I LOVE your additions.. great job.. I will definitely try it.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. 3abeer Thank you for posting the recipe in the first place :) The kids really loved it and planning to make it for our next family gathering ;)

  3. ambee shaklaa 5a6eeeeer wedi aswe bas moshkilty im not a good cook when it comes to chicken and meat and not very patient

  4. It is really easy to make...give the recipe to the cook to make ;p