Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zero Visibility

View from my window.
The Gulf Road should be after those trees and the blue sea...
Can you make them out???
Abdulaziz woke me up asking if they should go to school or not. I got up to find the streets covered in yellow dust. Wow!!! "No school baby." I said turning from the window. "Yay!!! Can I use the computer?" he asks. If I said no, he would start bothering his little brother and they would both start fighting and drive me crazy, and it's too early to be up. I want to go back to sleep. I have a meeting later during the day and I wasn't sure if I should go or postpone. I go back to sleep. A couple of hours later I get up. I look out the window and the dust is more than earlier in the day. I send a message to Fahad who was already at the office. Meeting or postpone it?... Meeting. *sigh* there is no getting out of it, then. The big boss gave his order and can't say no. Unless I go to the Queen Bee. No… I'm not in the mood of turning into the Queen Bee. Let's get this business over with. I was driving and sneezing all the way to the meeting and I could hardly see the cars in front of me. I'm driving by instinct and memory of the roads, navigating as cautiously as I can. What if the storm gets worse and the boys are by themselves with the help only? What if something worse happens when I'm so far away from them? I should have sent them to my parents. Argghhhh! I'm driving myself crazy with these thoughts when I'm supposed to be concentrating on the meeting ahead of us. (awful meeting by the way) I don't mind the dust. In fact during the hot summer months I welcome it, which means the weather will get a bit cooler. But I hate my itchy nose, *sneezing!* After the meeting I drop Fahad back to the office and rush back to the house. The kids weren't even aware I left!!! Go figure! I cancel Abdulaziz's birthday party, scheduling it for next week inshallah. We played board games, we ate, and we watched a movie and read a story. What a fruitful way to pass a dusty day!
I can't make out the road :s

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