Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Poor Birthday Boy

My poor baby!!! My little angel…my second love of my life! It isn't his year this year! We organized his birthday party for last week, and have to postpone until this week. Now we cancelled it again, not only because of the weather, but because my Abdulaziz came back from school very ill!! He insisted to go ahead with the party, but I managed to convince him that "kil ta25eera feeha 5eera", and he wouldn't enjoy it while he looked and felt green, and I promised him I'll organize something better than the one we already organized and make it a great surprise….
Now…I have few idea's … but I'd welcome any suggestions :)


  1. w3liya!!! Esh hal 7ala magroood :(

    maykhalif ma tadreen... sawooha next week o sawooha much better one.. i don't know what you have planned o what kids do now adays but if you need to brainstorm i am available to throw a few ideas :D

  2. 7ada kaser 5a6ri... ga3da agalbha ebrasi... the original party is at Paint Ball...but wedi aswila vedio game menia or something of that dancing or karaoke...still brainstorming ;p

  3. Awww, pooor thing!
    Salamta o mayshoof shar :**

  4. Alshar ma yeech LadyB...he is having fun staying at him!