Saturday, April 30, 2011

Movie Review - Thor

Yesterday evening after the Royal Wedding frenzy calmed down. We decided to go to the movies... we decided on "Thor". I enjoyed the movie, it was fun to scene in particular ;p I actaully said "Hubahuba!" and had a very scary glare from Fahad in response ;p
I like the visiual effects and the world of Asgard. I loved the action. I loved the comedic efforts.
Director Kenneth Branagh did a great job.


The question I want the answer for...

will there be a sequel?


  1. i loved the movie tooo & i saw it after the Royal Wedding in 3D :D

    were we at the same theatre *rolls eyes*

  2. Lol!!! No we don't go to 3D movies...makes Bu3azoz dizzy and gives him headaches...;p But it was a fun movies ;p