Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ansam II Icy Yogurt

I had the honor and the pleasure to be invited to the launch of Ansam II icy yogurt.
It was a closed event with friends and family at Napket and we had so much fun!!! Then the new flavor was introduced to us.
Let me just say, I have expected something citrusy from the teasers she posted during the week. But I was surprised with a very fresh and yummy flavor…. Shall I say what it is?? Or shall I let you go see for yourselves and try it??
I love their Chandlier...
Somsom is sooo cute in this poster! ;)
Napket's icy yogurt is one of my favorite in the market. And Ansam's mixes are very yummy. I highly recommend you give them a try ;)


  1. Love you :-** Thanks for being part of this special day :D

  2. Love you back :* Thanks for inviting me :D I had a great time :)

  3. ooohh u tried it already!!! now im curious ..gimme a hint hint :)

  4. Pineapple and coconut? ;p
    It was really good :)