Saturday, April 9, 2011

More Energy for Every Woman

Many of us are tired simply because we don't get enough sleep - but if you're sleeping 7 1/2 hours and still feel zonked, there could be something else to blame.
#1 A slow Thyroid
When a thyroid levels are low, your body's fuel system falters, and you feel sluggish. If your symptoms unclude not just fatigue but dry skin, constipation, hair loss and weight gain, ask your doc for a blood test
#2 Carbs, Carbs and More Carbs
Eating too many processesed carbs and sugary drinks late in the day can make your blood sugar levels crash at night. The next morning you wake up tired and craving more carbs. A carb filled breakfast continues the pattern. Instead, start your day with whole grains, low-fat dairy and a serving of protien.
#3 Not Enough Iron
Iron is essential for formin red blood cells, the oxygen carriers in your blood. Without enough of it, you're almost starving your body of oxygen. Boost your iron stores with deep-green leafy vegetables or lean red meet. And take a daily multivitamin for insurance.
#4 All Those Digital Divices
Computer and TV use before bed can significantly decrease the qaulity of your sleep, making you feel less rested the next day. Step out of the 24/7 info stream an hour before hitting the hay (reading isn't the problem. It's the light and the fast flow of data you don't want).
Courtsy of Glamour Magazine.
Note to self: This weeks goal: #1 Sleep early. #2 eat less carbs. #3 limit my computer time to 2hr if it isn't work related.


  1. Thankyou for sharing this very informative post that heightens our awareness!

  2. Your welcome KUWEIGHT64...thanks for stopping by ;)