Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gelato Italiano Bonbons

For your Friday family or friends gathering, pick up your box of Gelato Bonbons filled with three exotic flavors in Rose, Jasmine and White Pistachio all covered in
white chocolate.
Each box contains 30 pieces for KD9.
The Gelato Bonbons will be available on Friday only.
Opening hours is from 9am and closed during Prayers and reopen after prayers.
The quantity will be limited so hurry and pick up your box! Tel:22434434
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  1. YUM! do u deliver?

  2. I unfortunately we do not deliver for the time being :)

  3. i want for thursdays :(

  4. Noon.. You can always call and place an order for Thursday.. minimum order 30 piece and You can chose any flavor you like and any chocolate covering you want, dark chocolate, milk or white chocolate:)