Monday, April 18, 2011

Home - Wakha Furniture

Have you heard of this place? "Wakha" It is the first time I visit it.
I love North African/ Oriental decore, and Wakha sells furniture and home
accessory pieces from Morocco. I went there few days ago
with my sister, who the rebuilding and designing of our family
home fell on her shoulders. Ehya illi emjabla albunyan and interior design,
I feel guilt that I'm not there with her most
of the time, although a very tiring process, but
she is enjoying it and mashallah she has the best of taste among the four of us.
I went with her just to show me what she picked up for one
of the receiving rooms and several accessories for the house.
I love those hanging doors.
an exquisite game table... Chess anyone? or maybe Backgammon? The place was filled with beautiful pieces such as this cupboard and I took snaps of what caught my eye. Barbecue?
We picked this mirror and two others similar in coloring
but different in design for the guest bathroom.
This golden Quran was hanging high on the wall.
A look from the second floor to the ground floor.
See that dark table on the right? I found out from the
sales person that they have a "Warsha" with artisan carpenters
and make some pieces of furniture by order or woodwork decor in the house.
This dinning table seats about 12 people and it isn't complete yet.
You find little knickknacks every where...
And colorful decorative bottles.
Then I ask about these walls. I was told that they do have
painters and paint it in the Moroccan way of Tadlak
My favorite part now is the table sets...
I used to have a small side business where I brought amazing
Moroccan and Tunisian table tops, hand made and painted.
and this is as good as the ones I brought.
I am sure going to get me few for Ramadan, That is if I find the space
in my home to store them!!!
I loved this little fountain, it gave a soothing sound around the big house
and what is better, you can ask them to paint it in any color you
The Painted ceiling hung with amazing lights.
Overall, there were nice stuff, but tastes varies, right?
I like my oriental pieces with vibrant colors, and the sales
lady assured me that whatever colors I want they can make
them here or order tham from Morocco.
Prices are very reasonable compared to other
places which sell North African / Oriental furniture.
شركة واخه للمفروشات والاكسسوارات المغربيه
Wakha For Moroccan Furniture and Accessories Co.
It is in Bnaid AlQar
Tel. 225 40573

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