Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yin Yang

During the New Years vacation we were at Hilton Mangaf
as I mentioned before. Fahad and I took a small break from the
kids leaving them with my sister as we went for a quiet tete a tete
dinner at Yin Yang. I loved the one of those in
Kung fu movies...I was expecting Jackie Chan jumping from somewhere
at any minute. The staff were friendly and helpful explaining the half
Chinese half Thai menu. The food wasn't that bad.
I leave you with the pictures.
Mixed salad, complentary from the kitchen, and very yummy.
Some cocktail I don't remember what's it called.
Chicken wrapped in lettuce.
Veggie spring rolls which I really enjoyed
Shrimp on Toast...another yummy appetizer
Chicken Kung Po... or something like that ;p
A beef dish which I don't remember the name...
but it was better than the chicken :)
Veggie fried rice
Green tea mousse, very eggy more than moussy
I enjoyed the fruits and the sorbet more :)
At the end they brought us some fortune cookies...
They were not that bad. Better than the ones I make ;p
From Fahad's cookie
From my cookie :)


  1. everything looks absolutely delish...i had yin yang last year in the American Embassy open day and didnt enjoy it much but i should give it a 2nd try i guess :)

    They havent changed much from Blue Elephant..which was their earlier right??

  2. I haven't tried Blue Elephant before. The food wasn't that bad, I liked the beef dish more and the fried rice.