Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My New Year...

How did your first two week of the first month of this year go by?? Did you start on your resolutions? Was it good? Is it promising you a good year? Or are you skeptical? For me. New Years eve was uneventful! Yes! I should have ended the year with a party, right? Nooo… I said happy New Year to my sisters and cousins who were with us at Hilton Mangaf, kissed my babies wishing them the best of year, 12:15… I'm dead to the world!!! ZzzZZzzZZzzZZzzzz…… Yay!!! What a way to start the year!!! Very staid and boring! (well that what my sister Dana said about us. "You guys are boring!") But I had too many shocks before the year ended and I was holding my breath fearing the worst isn't over. Bas al7amdullah, when the clock struck midnight… I felt such a huge relief wash over me, that I couldn't help but lose consciousness after that. Now! This month is really passing very fast! Yes and I confess. There are a lot of things I wanted to do this week to jump start my year with and I haven't done anything about them. At the rate I'm going at…I think I won't start on anything until February. I really hope by then the chaos has settled in and I can resume back to my original plan. I want this year to be fun!
Our Suite where our supposed party should've taken place ;p


  1. late 2010 everything was going very well to me, once 2011 started and i immediately felt it's gonna be my yr smhow no matter what happens! on NY eve i spent it alone at home, it doesnt matter how u spent it, it matters what's coming next!

    Happy New Year Om 3zooz o allah yej3alha senat 5er nshallah 3alech o 3la ur lovely familia <3

  2. loool my begining of the year is so busy already... started up a diet and moved into a new blog, crashed it, and propped it up again :D

    Happy new Year hon :*

  3. Swera!!! Inshallah it will be your year and every year that comes after that!!! Happy New Year to you too darling and may all your dreams and wishes come true :***

    Danderma... I really wish you all the success in your diet! and I still don't get the new it only the address you've changed? or the entire lay out?? I know I'm sounding like a dinosaur... but what I see is the same layout as your previous blog :s
    Wish you a Happy New Year too :***