Tuesday, January 18, 2011

See You Soon!

I'm preparing to leave and soon will be on my way inshallah. It isn't one of my favorite trips. I hate long flights. And I definitely hate leaving my kids. They'll be safe and sound with their grandparents and their aunties and uncles inshallah. But I'll be feeling miserable the whole time, no matter how many times I've expressed I wanted to drop everything and run away from now and then. 3asa allah yesahelha 3alain w ared lehom as soon as I can. I love you my babies. I'll leave you with Mr. Talal Madah allah yer7ema. It is an oldie, but I remember this song every time I go and leave my kids. Inshallah I'll be back in a couple of weeks with I hope interesting things to post about. But for the time being I've scheduled some posts, inshallah you'll enjoy. Bye Bye!


  1. awwwaaah!!! you have a good vacation!! enjoyyyyy!!! :)

  2. B&D! Long time! Where've you been? Actually the trip is for work :s that's why I couldn't get out of it or drag them along with me, and it was awful! :s except for the good food I had ;p