Monday, January 3, 2011

Vacation - Saltanate Of Oman P2

Our main objective in this trip is to just Zone Out! Meaning…forgetting our worries and stress and just enjoy the moment. After a Yummy buffet breakfast at AlTanoor, we head to the pool. The kids are enjoying themselves in the pool while Fahad and I, lounged on pool chairs reading books, eating, napping and dipping in the pool. We did nothing, which was pure bliss, except for being lazy, enjoying the scenery around us and the cool breeze which lulls us to sleep ;p By 2.30pm we take the boys out, dry them off and have lunch at the pool restaurant called Circles. After that we either go back to our chairs at the pool or head back to room where the boys wash and change into their jammies and take a short nap until evening. Evening time we take a walk around the resort, then we head back to one the restaurants in the piazza for dinner and then to another café situated in front of the sea enjoying the evening breeze, while the boys play football not far away on a grassy area near the beach. Just pure laziness.
I think this is called the Souq area although there was only
one shop.
Ahmed refusing to try the Lazy River! It was an amazing
experience though ;)
A panoramic view
Another view of the Lazy River
A giant chess game, we played it one evening.
Al Husn Hotel high on the cliff. It was a shame I didn't check it out
The pool at AlBandar
Another view of the pool and there were many other amazing
areas of the pool I didn't take any snaps of.
Ahmed enjoying the pool.
A cute bird which I do not know the name of. But there
were plenty of them around.
Ahmed taking a break... ;p
Swimming lessons are available too ;p
Abdulaziz formed a gang and I hardly saw him during the time
we were at the pool ;p
One evening we decided to take a look at the Heritage Village. So we took
a shuttle from the hotel to the Village which was situated within the resort
There wasn't much to see. Small shops selling shawls and silver jewelery
that wasn't Wow and sold at extortionate prices. Then there was
a mini mall, with few opened shops and a child play area.
I think the resort could do a better job with it, like adding more entertainment
and maybe a cafe or a restaurant.
The exterior of the Mini Mall.
There was a gallery of pictures which were very interesting.
There was another art gallery at the hotel which unfortunately
I didn't take any pics of. It held the works of a very renowned
Omani artist.
After we were done. We waited few minutes for a shuttle
to come but no one came. So I decided to walk back to the hotel.
The Closest was AlWaha and we had to go through this tunnel to reach it.
It is amazing how they dug through this mountain to make
this tunnel . There was a one way for cars to drive through
and a walk way for pedestrians.
It is so beautiful and raw like everything in Oman.
It is how I feel about the place when we go there.
Abdulaziz was a little anxious about walking back to the hotel
in the dark and crossing a tunnel to get there. To calm him
down I told him imagine you're going on an adventure like
Indiana Jones, and you can show it off to your friends ;p
Shadows and Lights....
We got AlWaha hotel and this is a view of it from the pool
Another view of the cliffs and palm trees and an amazing full moon.
A cliff rock at the edge.
View of AlHusn
*Sigh* such a romantic scene don't you think?
Stay tuned... more to come inshallah ;)


  1. You guys look like you had a good time, Ahmad is such a cutie! Allah y7aftha!

  2. Thank you R.AlSharif... It was fun in a very lazy way ;p It is like going to the Maldives but closer...I hate long flights. So Oman is as good as it gets for me ;p

  3. 3lekom ib alf 3afiya...

    I read your post on Oman ams o faj2a 7ashatne 7ala inah i want to go to oman NOW... madry ishyanee i've never been to Oman before but chithee i craved going to a pretty new place o exploring around o seeing how Omani's live...

    So my alternative was to put on Oman's tv channel and wait for your post :p

  4. Danderma...allah ye3afeech :*
    Wallah it is beautiful very relaxing...we did the whole sight seeing the first time we went there..this time we spent most of our time at the hotel on the pool ;p

  5. wooow delayla
    took my breath away
    loved it and waiting sweetie