Monday, January 17, 2011

Your KD1000?

I guess some of you heard about the Magic 8 Ball? We have one, and I was fooling around with it the other night, and this is how it went. Me: Will I lose some weight this year? Ball: Sorry try again. Me: Will I ever lose weight? Ball: Answer not clear, try again. Me: Am I going to lose weight? Ball: It is uncertain as of now. I give up! I will never get back to my previous glory!!! Ok… if I'm not going to lose weight, will I ever be a millionaire? Again I take the ball which I dropped next to me and started shaking it. Me: Will I be a millionaire this year? Ball: Yes! Definitely Yes! And I foolishly smile, very much satisfied with the answer. However as I went to bed, later in the evening, I was wondering how am I ever going to get my million! And no… I don't want them in dollars, but in KD!
Ana qanooo3a... not a billionaire but a millionaire ;p I've already broken two of my resolutions, I bought magazines and books (Yes! No more books for the next six months!) and I almost bought a bunch of those cute little notebooks I love so much. I even went on a crazed shopping spree 3ala 5arabee6! You see…I want to be a bit thrifty this year (I hope). Anyway I went to bed, the wheels in my head still turning and churning, planning on how to make my first million ;p The next morning I wake up finding a message from my mother. It was a praise about the HH the Amir (Allah ye6awel eb3omera), and I was wondering what new disaster has occurred while I was sleeping. I turn on my computer (I get my news from the blogs and facebook), and I read the news from one of my friends status on facebook who had posted the news about the KD1000 grant from HH Sheikh Sabah AlAhmed AlSabah for all Kuwaitis, from some site, can't remember the name.
But my first thought was "It's not true." Maybe some kind of joke. An hour later, I check, the whole Kuwaiti blogger sphere is abuzz about the grant!
"What will you do with your KD1000?" most of them posted.
Hmmm…Yay?? Yaaaaay!!!
Oh!... I forgot to mention…I'm the Queen of my domain, and Yes I'm a confessed tyrant.
Yes…TYRANT! Most of you are thinking…what will I do with my KD1000… and I'm thinking what will I do with my KD4000!!! ;ppp
Hehehehe… Fahad still didn't hear the news…so I put on my Queenly Crown. "I have a new decree!" I announce, he lowers his news paper, wondering what crazy stuff I've come up with this time, "The KD4000 grant we'll be getting will be mine." He had that look, "Ok! My wife has officially lost her mind."
"What grant?" He demands.
"The Amir has granted KD1000 for every Kuwaiti, and since we are four in this family, I'll be getting KD4000!"
He nods and resumes reading without replying.
Naaaaah!!! Nothing of that sort really happened. In truth, I only told him about the grant and didn't think about it or what to do with it until later that evening after getting back home.
Here is what I want with my KD1000, no not going to spend it on books or clothes, I want to do something fun with it and my first thought is Travel! Inshallah, I'll keep it safe and not spend it until the Easter break, until I decided where to go, and maybe save up some extra money along with it ;p
What? Million? What Million?? I doubt I'd earn any million with my spending habits ;p But I'll keep a positive mind about it, who know what will happen. Right? Yallah al9a7a w al3afia w alf 7amdillah 3ala kil 7al :)
3alaikom ebalf 3afia ya ahali w a5wani w 5awati! And tell me what are you going to do with your KD1000.


  1. I'm probably not going to get to see my 1000 anytime soon, im still considered underage so yay for my parents! :P btw where can you get a magic 8 ball in kuwait?

  2. Zaina... Good for you!

    r.alsharif... ask htem nicely maybe they'll give it to you ;)

  3. Oh! and the magic 8 ball, you can find it at Fantasy World ;)