Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vacation - Saltanate Of Oman P5

Another highlight of our stay was of course the food. When we previously stayed at AlWaha hotel, we didn't enjoy their food at all and never thought to venture to the restaurants at AlBandar. I guess by the end of the day we were just too tired to take two steps anywhere so we settled at the restaurants available at the hotel. Fahad was complaining about it and he really hoped the restaurants at AlBandar were much better. I checked them on the net an assured him that they were sounded very promising. Anyway, we really indulged in the yummy very yummy food!!! The first two days we went crazy. We would have 3 big meals, but on the third we settled for two meals and a small snack in between, so we could really enjoy our dinners. There are other good restaurants in Oman, but with the kids, and the long drive (45min) to the City, it wasn't that encouraging, maybe next time when Fahad and I are there alone.
AlTanoor (Buffet)
One of the yummy breakfast I had during our stay :) During the Christmas festivities...the Chefs went out
of the their way with the displays of the dessert buffet.
Chef Jacket & hat with bowls and ladles
all made from Chocolate.
wheel of white milk and dark chocolate!
Best chocolate fountain!
And of course they brought Santa for the kids.
There was a special dinner and movie for the kids.
Ice cream cart, decorated in ginger bread, icing and candy.
Here is Abudulaziz and Ahmed mertazeen in front of the cart.
Carolers Circles (Pool Restaurant & Bar)
Greek Salad
More Greek Salad (yes it was that good)
The kids favorite, penne with mushrooms and alfredo sauce
The sweetest most tender steak with herbed butter
and fries
Chicken with Tiryakie Sauce and rosemary potatoes
Fish fillet with rosemary potatoes
Roasted vegetables sandwich
A very yummy pizza
Brownies and ice cream
Tapas was my favorite among the restaurants in the hotel.
we had dinner twice there.
Olive and herb bread
Fatayer Meat
Fatayer Spinich
Shrimp on toast.
Reqaqat Cheese
Meat Kibba
Thai Beef Salad
Shrimps and Chilli
Chicken legs in oil.. Chicken Satay

The piece de resistance! Chicken Paealla!!! The best I had in a long while.

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