Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tidbits Here & There

I'm currently reading "The Essence of Style", recommended by "The Boudoir", and I'm loving it!!!
I've actually put down one of my favorite fantasy series to finish later just because I started reading the first two pages and I was hooked! I'm halfway through the book, probably will finish it in another day. When I finish each chapter, I recount to Fahad what I've read and he shakes his head, "Allah la yebarich feehom, chanhom falsoona!" He means by the French who set the pace to Haute Life and Style! I love fashion, I love life and style, but I'm not a slave to them. However after reading this book, I'm beginning to understand those who are addicted to fashion and shopping ;p I highly recommend this book to all lovers of life and style.
So I've decided to declare war on "Al5az"!!! Yes…"al5azazeen" keep your eyes to yourselves! Honestly this practice has gone way out of hand. Just imagine yourself waking by a table of women, as innocent as ever and unsuspecting, suddenly the all stop cwaking as hens, and simultaneously they turn and stare at you. What's wrong? Is there something wrong with me? Did I rub my eyes and my kohl is all smudged and halfway down my cheeks? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Hehehe… you think that was my reaction? Nooooo… 3az allah ma 3arftooni ;p
I know I know… I'm drop dead gorgeous bas mo lai haldaraja!!! So the women did stare. And I stopped. And stared back… and shrugged "What?" I give them a little twirl and I say as loud as everyone could hear…"You like what you see?" It is sooo self satisfying when I see the uncomfortable and embarrassed looks on their faces!!! They scrambled around still seated in their places, looking around and down at their plates, except at me! Hehehe… yes I'm enjoying it. So take care I do not catch you staring at me ;p
I think it is part of our society characteristics, which they can't help themselves doing. My sister has the funniest expression on her face when she ogles people, and I do enjoy kicking her under the table when she does. But she is an artist at it! she'll tell you what kind of bag and what season the person is carrying and even the price! or what kind of outfit and brand it is, and sometimes she even can tell you the brand of the watch around their wrists which she only caught a quick glimpse of it! Yes, she is a pro! I do not like it. I don't like people staring at me, so I do not like staring at them. Yeah… I'm at war! ;)
No...I'm not going to New Zealand...although it is one of
my dream destinations. Inshallah someday with the boys ;p
So yeah… I broke several of my resolutions. I was at Sultan the other day and bought a couple of magazines, I splurged on books from two weeks ago, and my home is crawling with books! I've been indulging on food for the past two months although I'm exercising, but I feel I'm going nowhere with all the rich food I’m consuming. I still can't get anything straight because time is ticking away. I'm leaving in few days, and I hate long flights, and I hate leaving my kids behind even more. I'm going frantic and paranoid. I have a system with them at home which I know it will not get applied at my parent's home, no matter how many rule sheets I've printed out for my siblings to follow and no matter how my many times I've instructed the help to call me if the boys did not follow their scheduel. I'm losing my mind here. I hate these trips where I'm far away from them. I just hate leaving my boys.


  1. loved the book , enshalah i will add it to my reading plzn ;) enshalah

    about elkhaz , hmmm ambeh when i hangout ma3a rfejate lazm ag3ad akhez el girlz ( shame on me ) a7eb ashof el lebs , bags and the styles

  2. Hehehehe...al23teraf bel7aq fatheela ;pp There is a difference when you admire a beautiful thing...and when you blatantly stare just becuase you want to stare or can't help staring like my sis. ;p

  3. I couldnt agree more about the staring! :P Now i've gotten in the habit of tani7ing in peoples faces when i catch them staring at me making it as awkward as possible :P

  4. Im glad u got it !! 7ada fee shay in9idamtay minhum ha!?! no wonder the french love themselves and i dont blame them hehe

    this post is funny especially wiya ilkhazazeen..i have recently began saying the phrase "what? feeni shay?" while looking at my friend not expecting an answer but wanting ilkhazazeen to get a hint..its so rude i know bs shinsawi ylaw3on ilchabd marat wadri they dont stare ila when they like what they see;l

  5. R.AlSharif....hehehehe... You Go Girl!!! War on Al5azaaaazeeeen! ;p

    the boudoir...I have friends who grew up in French Society or with some French influence and now I understand why sometimes they act so full of themselves just like the French do ;p This book is making want to pay Paris a visit. It has been a long time ;p

  6. i agree with the french influenced people, i have a friend and a boss who is like that;p i want to go to but for the pastries:PP

  7. Mmmmm...Yum!!! I'm already writing down a list of the restaurants I want to go to ;p