Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Scents

Winter is here and time to put back my light perfumes
and use scents a bit on the heavey and strong side.
I love cambody (I hope I'm spelling it right) in perfumes.
I use them a lot in winter.
Amouge which I got from Oman! Very strong and fawa7a.
I got the silver one too. Which is good too.
While at Mangaf, I discovered AlKhalifa for Arabian Perfumes
I wasn't intending to buy anything but when I got to this
Cambody mix! I couldn't help but to get some for me and my sisters.
Just amazing! Spray it on your clothes or shawls,
and then add combody bokhour. Heaven!
In the picture there is AlKhalifa Perfume, cambody bokhour,
and combody ma3mool.
I am so in love with this AlKhalifa combody Arabian
perfume, it is so strong. Not for those who don't like strong perfumes ;)


  1. etsadgeen! I am not big on perfumes... I alternate between AlJazeera Montale perfums (roses musk, rose amber oud, black oud, black must, pure gold) all year LOL.... I also have been using one perfume since I was in high school - Kenzo parfum d'ete (and recently -few years back- got hooked on Lovely by SJP)! Boring, mo? LOL

  2. I love Lovely! Next time you're in AlJazeera try Tom Fords White Patchouli. I get stuck on certain perfumes too such as Comme des Garcons, the pink bottle and white patchouli...I love rose musk and black oud. isn't boring. It is just what you feel works for you. Some times I buy perfumes that i feel don't smell good on me so I give them to the kids to use and they just smell delicious! ;p