Sunday, January 30, 2011

When In Rome - P2

When in Italy actually, at every street corner you'd find a tiny shop with the sign of "Fast Food" written above it. So do they serve burgers? No! in fact I did the mistake of once ordering a burger from a shop and it was one of the most disgusting burger I ever had in my entire life I just threw it away. I learned my lesson. When in Italy stick to the Pizza! So in every "Fast Food" corner you'll find Pizza and Foccacia sandwiches. Man! the pizza I had at these places was the best! The crust was amazing, with the right amount of tomato sauce and cheese! We were also once invited to a restaurant which specializes in pizza, unfortunately like many times my cam battery was dead at the beginning of trip and forgot every time to recharge it. I am only sorry I didn't snap any pics, of the food Roberto served us at his restaurant. I was so confused, I didn't know what to order because all looked so delicious. Roberto only nodded and patted me. "No worry." He tells me in his broken English. Moments later he brings me two different kind of pizzas with rocca leaves salad, no they were not big, as appetizers, then four kind of pastas in small portions for a second course, then a breaded chicken with fries, Veal limone and the juiciest steak with grilled veggies on the side as a third course. I am only sorry, honestly really sorry that I didn't snap any pictures of the food which was brought to us because it was one of my fondest memories of the whole trip. For dessert, we had a biscuity waffle dessert topped with fresh berries and cream, and a chocolate tartufo. We got to the restaurant around 2.30 pm and left around 7.30. It was for me the best meal I had in Italy. Oh yes! I indulged on food during this trip. Our breakfasts, lunch and dinners, or what I call "Lunner" which is a late lunch early dinner, were filled with fat and carbohydrates! I even gave up on the salads after the first day. Now since I got back I've been a good girl, eating healthy and exercising, and hoping to lose those kilos I put on during the trip, although I'm still craving a good slice of Pizza ;p
one of the best pizza!
I do't know why I bothered to order fries but they were good anyway

At the small hotel we stayed at, we were
served one evening, on of the best Pana Cota
I every had with a black berry coulis.
This is for Ansam!
So while exiting our hotel in Rome, I find these chestnuts and my first thought
was you Somsom! I had to take a picture and I bought some, and ate it with lot of thoughts of love for you ;)
The smell of the chestnuts filled the air! Just loved it! Yum Yum! Really warmed us up in the freezing temprature of Rome ;)


  1. Thanks for the shout out :-* yummmm 3alaikom bel3afia dear...

    I like "Lunner" but the late lunch/almost dinner is called "Linner" ;-) Its used but not as much as "Brunch"

  2. Your welcome ;) allah ye3afeech
    I know "Linner"...but I feel "Lunner" gives it more justice because of using the first two letters from lunch ;p

  3. eeee wallah kanat etyanen! very sweet in fact!

  4. 3alaich bl 3afya!!! next time squeeze Capri in =P ma te7la il safra ela bl akl:P

  5. OH MY GOD , i want chestnuts! ma kaleet kastan this year :(