Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vacation - Saltanate Of Oman P3

On the fourth day of our trip, we woke up in the morning finding the weather partially cloudy. So we decided it was a good time to go to the mall "City Center". What we didn't know that there were two "City Centers", one which we previously visited in Qorum and the other in Seeb. From what we understood the one in Seeb is the newest and biggest. So yeah why not? let's give it a look. The mall wasn't that big. There were the same High Street stores we have here. I wasn't interested in shopping. What we wanted was Borders *swoon*. Yes! It was bigger than the one in Qorum. A wonderland to all book lovers!!! We actually forgot our kids when Fahad and I stepped in!!! Luckily there were a children's corner with books and comics. Abdulaziz grabbed a comic and sat browsing through it. Ahmed, of course, had to do the same thing. Soon I was lost in the middle of hundreds of books. What I loved about the store there up to date books from all genres, there were comfy chairs placed everywhere, take a seat and read through the books you picked up. There was also a corner in the store, where I saw a group of teenaged Omani girls discussing a book they were reading. You got to admire that! It is a shame we don't have this here, good bookstores and people who love to read. We left the bookstore with a couple of large bags filled with books for both us and the kids. We needed another trip just to get out of the initial shock of books around us ;p but the boys only tolerated that much! Next year inshallah, etha allah a7yana. We took a snack at Costa. They have the best dark and dense chocolate cake I have every tried, which I unfortunately didn't snap a pic of, we got more pastries to take back with us to the hotel, very delicious. When we reached the hotel, it was late afternoon, and very cloudy. The pool area was deserted. The weather has really cooled down, I had the boys put on their hoodies. We had a late lunch early dinner, which I'll post about later ;p
Waiting in the lobby for our car to be brought in ;p
Mountain scene as we drive by.
I love the rawness of the scenery around us.
This is only the front of the store... It is very big, and has
a Starbucks inside ;p
This is good! I love the childrens corner. The boys picked
up few books for themselves too.
Ahmed checking out a puppet
Cloudy weather. This is the biggest Mosque they have,
which has a library and a lecture areas.
AlBandar Hotel... more clouds
The pool area deserted,
where we had our late lunch early dinner

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