Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vacation - Saltanate Of Oman P4

Scenery as I walked from the hotel to the Spa
The Spa is situated between AlBandar and AlWaha Hotels
One of the highlights of the trip was the "Chi Spa". Every time we go there, I was unlucky to not experience it. It is either the timing wasn't right or it was fully booked. This time round I was lucky to find booking and at the right time. The day before our return, I went for a scrub and relaxation massage. The reception area was big and the staff were welcoming. I had to fill in a form and answer few questions to determine my own element, which you can do on their website btw, and after that I was escorted to the changing room. I was provided with a robe and a small pouch where there were few toiletries I might need, as complementary from the spa. There were water facilities, such as a Jacuzzi and sauna, which I used and really loved. Then my therapist, a very sweet lady named Andrea, came to escort me to my individual villa where my therapy would take place. From what I understood she used oils based on my element. The overall experience was very good. The result was I snored…and when I snore it means that I was really enjoying the therapy and very relaxed ;p Even the bloating in my body receded by the next morning and I felt lighter. I highly recommend you try it when you go there and book in advance. If you are a couple you can share the same villa for your therapies.
I wish I was aloud to take more pictures. There is an inside
garden between the main reception and the villas.
The main building of the spa....

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