Monday, January 31, 2011

Diet Update - January

Who am I kidding? Of course Dr. Phil is saying the truth! With all the food I had during my last two trips, and what came in between, I have strayed from my weight loss regime not a little but a lot!!! However, since I got back, I've been watching what I'm eating and skipping dinner, and exercising for an hour every day. So far, I lost 1Kg, but that is only, as I know it, water retention. The hard work of losing the true weight is only beginning. So best of luck to me! And best of luck to all who are trying to get fit and healthy this year!


  1. im trying wayd samna:s what im doing is eating less but same # of meals

  2. For me skipping dinner makes a whole lots of difference, and if what you're doing is working for you then keep it up ;)