Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vacation - Saltanate Of Oman P1

Our Yearly destination for the Christmas holidays is Oman. So why Oman? First the trip isn't only for Fahad and I, but also the boys. They just love it there. Second, the weather is amazing and warm. Third it is a second home away from home, the Omani's are incredibly sweet and nice. I can't believe I let a whole year passed by without taking an occasional short trip here or there. Bas alhamdullah, now it is vacation time and because I couldn't wait and I was so excited, and not to forget the added excitement of the boys, I had our luggage packed and ready two days before the trip ;p We took the Omani airlines, they have a very good and friendly service. The trip took us about two hours and a half. The boys had their books to entertain them. This time I decided not to bring any PSPs or Gameboys or whatever. I wanted to break them from that routine, and alhamdullah they behaved themselves through the flight. We took a taxi to the hotel. They had a service there where you take a taxi and pay it in advance at the counter. Our Taxi car was a Mercedes ;p Like every year we stay at Shangri la Bar AlJissa which is nestled between a chain of rocky mountains and overlooking a wonderful beach and forty five minutes away from the airport. It is a three hotel resort with an amazing Spa. We usually book at AlWaha hotel, because it is more family oriented and caters more to kids, and where the parents wouldn't have to worry how to entertain them. However this year we couldn't find any reservation at Al Waha so we booked at AlBandar. From the moment I stepped into the hotel and looked up at the domed ceiling in the middle of the lobby, I fell in love with the hotel. We were greeted by a very friendly lady. She took our passports and booking vouchers and asked us to have a seat and enjoy some refreshments while we were waiting. I managed to snap some pictures here and there. She came back with our room key cards and escorted us to our room. We were lucky to get a room which overlooked the piazza of the hotel where all the restaurants were situated and close to other hotel facilities. I managed to snap pictures here and there, but most times I was so distracted with the boys, allah ye7fath'hom, there were places and scenery, now that I was going over the pics, I didn't take any pictures of. The cam is new and I'm still testing it, and some of the pics turned out fuzzy. Anyway, enjoy the pics ;)
On the way to the airport. They were so psyched!
Checking in our lugguage at the Omani Airlines counter.
inside the plane sending their love and hellos ;p
Taxi service at the airport. You pay in advance to the
place you're heading too. I forgot my cam at the counter and
they called our taxi driver telling him about it, luckly we didn't go far so we returned
to pick it up again. Yes this is how distracted I get ;p
Near the fountain at the enterance of the hotel.
The atmosphere is very festive at the hotel
They had a huge ornate tree very beautiful.
Some of the balls on the tree are as big
as Ahmed's head!
The dome in the middle of the the lobby.
Beautifully breathtaking.
The recption
More of the reception area... I love the wood work and the lighting
in the background. What do you think?
Becuase they didn't have interconecting rooms we booked for Junior suite and had an extra cots for the boys.
The room was spacious and not too crowded even with the cots.
I love their bathroom (w ento ebkarama). I loved the play
of the mix and match of the marbles. Something to
keep in mind when I want to design my own bathrooms ;p
This is the view from our balcony at the piazza and another
huge Christmass tree dominating the center.
By the time we got to our rooms we were so tired I decided to
to order room service. As by tradition we always order a burger
and spaghetti bolognaise. The burger which I shared with Fahad
was good. It had a very thick patti and the pasta was yummy.
There will be more to come! So stay tuned ;)


  1. aww im glad u enjoyed! 3alaikum balf 3afya and a happy new year to u:*

  2. allah ye3afeech... we did have a good time ;) Happy New Year to you too :*

  3. oooh
    welcome home princess Dallola :***
    happy new year,,the pix are amazing i loved it,i never been to oman before,,need more details and more pix,,where did you go there??? i really wana go one day inshallah,,
    by the way,
    why do we always order room service and we should always have a burger with fries!!!
    i always do that even if im not that hungry with a diet coke and ice cream :P
    miss ya sweetie

  4. Mimi...darling where've you been??
    Oman is beautiful... it isn't the first time we go to there so this time round we didn't do any of the sight seeing or the dessert adventure thing. There is a lot to do depending on what you like to do.
    There isn't much shopping though...which is a relief to me ;p
    We have a thing...we like to try burgers in every hotel we stay at ;p So far the best was at the Four Seasons Maldives they have the best burger ;)