Friday, January 7, 2011

Vacation - Saltanate Of Oman P6

We wanted to extend our stay until the end of the week, unfortunately the hotel was fully booked. We got a call from my sister telling me she is booking at Hilton AlMangaf for New Years. Yeah… why not? We woke up on the day we were suppose to leave finding the sky and surrounding mountains covered in dark clouds, promising lots and lots of rain! By the time we got down for breakfast, the staffs of the hotel including the management were rushing bringing in the tables inside as it started to pour! Mashallah 3asa allah yezeed w yebarek. It really poured and with the amazing view it looked breathtaking. Inshallah ye7ooshna eshwaya min al7ash'hom min am6ar. Of course the Europeans who arrived for the New Years break, were glum about the weather. They wanted the sun, the sea and the pool. I guess we are lucky we didn't get to extend our stay. Until next year inshallah ;)
The Piazza at AlBandar Hotel where we have our daily breakfast
and dinner is soaked in water from the rain!
Just beautiful!

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