Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

For the past weeks, I've been trying to sort out my life and think about what I want to achieve in 2011. First, 2010 wasn't that bad. There were ups and downs, some losses and gains, in every aspect of my life. There were times when I felt lost and just wanted to slink in a dark whole and hide and just scream and cry and there were times I'd start my day with a huge grin and a positive outlook on life. I achieved part of what I wanted to achieve this year. I haven’t reached my weight loss goal, but I managed to break the plateau I was stuck at for most part of the year. I did shrink and I'm happy with my achievement. Things I wanted to do, like write a cook book, I can always try to do it next year. I did start on it. I have a collection of recipes, but I got distracted halfway through the year with Abdulaziz, who need my complete attention. Who knows, now that I know where I'm standing I can finish what I started.
2010 saw a lot accidents, Fahad falling and injuring his knee and had to be off his feet for at least 3 weeks, and it took him about 4 months to completely heal. The kids were in a traffic accident twice! Yes, I've posted about one of them, and the second one was a couple of weeks ago with me. Al7amdullah not as serious as the first accident. I lost my cousin Ghanoma, allah yer7amha w yesakenha fasee7 janateh, I still mourn her loss. I think of her a lot and I feel that tense squeeze in my chest, my eyes water and the tightness in my throat. I don't know for how long it will last, and I can't imagine what my uncle and aunt are going through. Fahad lost his grandmother, an extraordinary woman, allah yer7amha w yesakenha fasee7 janateh.
I have another cousin who is fighting for her life from breast cancer, 3asa allah yegawmha belsalama w yeshafeeha w yeraje3ha ebsa7a w 3afia 7ag ahalha w 3yalha.
In 2010 I didn't travel much as the past years, but 2011 promises a lot of trips. So far two different trips have been booked for, and I hate the idea to be away from my kids.
Now, what do I want to achieve for 2011? 1-The number one resolution in the world "Lose weight". In my case lose more weight, be fitter and healthier. Look at diet in a different perspective. A Change of Life Style. 2- One of the things I've been doing in 2010 was spending a lot of money. I went through my accounts and discovered I've been spending a lot 3ala 5arabee6. For 2011 I want to be thriftier. I really hope I can achieve this goal. 3- Stay away from magazines and little note books and stationary as much as I can. I think it's an addiction like chocolates. A guilty pleasure. I have a whole drawer filled with these cute designed note books. The last one I bought was a couple of weeks ago, an agenda for 2011. As for magazines, I love Self and Shape, and every Food magazine available in the market. I need to find a solution to them because they do not look good at all in my book cases. 4-Finish what I started. I've started few projects, which are still pending. I need to concentrate on finishing them. 5- Do something different. I just don't want to name anything in particular. Just jump into doing something new and different.
Last year I have put eight goals to achieve. This year I don't want to push the envelope, maybe in six months I'll put another five more resolutions to achieve.
I wish 2011 will be a better year for everyone. I pray for health, wealth and happiness to all of you, to my children, my husband, myself and my family on every side.
Happy New Year! And Good Luck!


  1. Happy new year to you and your family dear :)

    I wish 2011 will your year of achievements and goals fulfilling.
    It seems every one is trying to lose weight, and that's an indication that we eat a lot of junk food, especially if we are on the go while we can always have something more healthy.

    Allah yer7am Ghanima enshalla. She was a direct cousin to someone with me at work, and sadly she got the news thought BBM while we were on a meeting.

    I still remember the whole department was silent for an hour or so..

    May allh save all your beloved ones :)

  2. Allah y9abirkum, I hope 2011 is a better year for you :)

  3. happy new year my dear :)

    nshallah all ur family will get better nshallah o matshofon shar :*

  4. Q8 Stig... Thank you dear and I hope all your wishes and dreams come true

    r.alsharif... I hope so too and same to you :)

    Swera...Happy New Year w alshar ma yeech :***