Friday, December 10, 2010


On Thursday evening the boys got back from
their activities and after a quick wash and change,
I repacked them back in the car and headed to watch the new
Disney movie "Tangled"
We've been watching the trailers and got excited when I told them
we were going to watch it.
The movie was good. It could have been better if we
we didn't go to the 3D version. Not a good idea with kids!
Ahmed had his 3D glasses on and off, then he got bored and
started jumping around the chairs. Abdulaziz liked it but wasn't
that much into it even with the action and comedy.
Note to self.... no more 3D movies for the boys ;p
The was my favorite scene in the movie.


  1. miskeena mibtalsha ibsha3arha :P it looks like a cute movie though!

  2. It is very cute! maybe we'll go to it a seconde time but in 3D ;p

  3. I went with the kids and we loved it a lot gladbi didn't take them to the 3D one cause the glasses doesn't fit my son and I get headache ,,,,,what bothers me that kncc doesnt give you good options if you want the normal show it shows only in feaw cinemas with limited timing :s