Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bath & Body Works

Last Thursday I went out for a relaxed lunch at Nino Avenues with my cousin and her friend. The weather was so cool and amazing we sat there until dark and temporarily forgetting about my little men ;p It is part of my plan to de-stress. Of course our conversation tends to be about diet, kids and beauty, and it enthused towards the Bath & Body Works which has recently opened in Kuwait. I know my sisters use the products bringing them from the States, but I never did. I love Victoria Secrets Amber Romance body splash and lotion which I've been using forever. My cousin and her friend said the Bath & Body Works was the best they've used, and the scents of the lotions is so amazing. "We'll check it out after lunch." So I headed there and tried most of them. I like clean fresh scents. The one which appealed to me the most was 'Sea Island Cotton'. I got the shower gel, the body lotion and body splash. It is so fresh and the kind of scent you don't smell on yourself but others do. I just love it. Clean and Fresh! ;)

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