Saturday, December 18, 2010

Get Better Organized in 2011

After a delicious lunch at Pizzetta with the best of friends, and I'm sorry to say I didn't have my cam with me to snap pics of the yummy food we ordered. We stopped by Pink Moon to check out their wears... and I found these cute organizational Pads.
I thought it a fun way to communicate and tease Fahad with. Since I bought
it I've been leaving these sheets of paper everywhere for him to find ;p
There are more pads, some cute... some naughty...
after checking their web site I found a shopping list
pad. I hope they got it at Pink Moon, if not I'll order it ;)
This is also so cute to organize a menu, which I really need since I want to try new recipes inshallah.
My favorite is this "To do list" little note book.
Very ideal to get organized in 2011 ;p
Have you thought about your resolutions for 2011?
in the list I made is to get better organized ;)

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