Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Really! What to do?

This school semester is ending with a bang!
I thought a third time was a charm, but yesterday I got several calls from other mothers informing me the current teacher the school has hired for Abdulaziz's class has gave in her resignation!!! It is the third teacher since September! The administration is refusing to meet with any of the parents or give any explanation, and there are only few days left till Christmas vacation.
Wallah since school started until now I do not know what my son is taking in school. I met with every teacher since school started and explained to her how it's important that we communicate, but nothing. It is complete chaos, and the only ones who are benefiting from the situation are the kids who are enjoying the no homework and no discipline in class.
9arat Madresat Al Musha'3been!
I'm at a loss on what to do!


  1. I just got through your article and I think I know what you're talking about.. I'm already afraid for my son who'll be in CM1 next year, with all this bad organization in the administration and lack of responsibility. But at least be happy that this third teacher is leaving as from what I heard she's not that good..NO one cares about our children. They know that we don't have any other school option as they're exclusive! And this is what they always do when they have a problem, instead of fixing it they just hide and wait for the storm to calm down, maybe the ta3lim el khas can help?
    Anyways I really hope that the new teacher will be up to it..
    Wish you all the best :)

  2. Anon... Thank you for your comment. I am planning to go to ta3lim al5a9 inshallah and I hope we'll find some kind of solution.

  3. om 3azooz... i know it's not in my position to judge or anything but the school seems really bad!!!

    They are not my kids they are yours so i have absolutely no right in telling you what to do... there is no one who would care for them know what you want for their future as much as you do and. Period.

    But in my case if my kids were in a school whith no stability, i know i would be looking for another school with more decipline. There are many private schools out there but only three i would trust to educate my future children the kind of education i would want for them. As for teaching them languages if i know a language and i want them to learn it i would arrange for classes after school or something or simply have them read in that language all the time. I remember my mother had arranged for an American teacher to teach me English after school when i was little since i refused to attend a private school and wanted to go to public school with my cousins. Later on all my siblings went to english and american schools yet i still refused to join again... i wanted my friends. In the end i was stronger and better educated ib both languages (arabic & english) thatn all 3 of my siblings who went to English speaking private schools. and many people are surprised to know that i am a public schoold educated person o say my english is good 3la English school...

  4. Wallah Ya Danderma I really value your opinion and thank you for it. If I didn't want it. I wouldn't have posted about it. :*** I've already applied Abdulaziz to other schools, since that was my plan from the beginning, that he gets the base in French then I transfer him to an American school. But just imagine...He will be spending the whole school year without any consistency and stability. Wallah last year when he gets a 15/20 grade I used to ground him because he can do better... this year he is getting very bad grades... but why should I punish him when there are no teachers who are ready to cooperate with me? Why should I punish my child when he himself doesn't have any idea what he is taking in class?
    Honestly what I'm thinking is pulling him out of school starting January and home schooling him until he gets accepted to a different school.. but would this be acceptable?

  5. :****

    y9eer you home school him? Madry wallah you must ask around... bs akhaf yesawolich salfa inah he didn't officially pass hal grade in a certified school blah blah?

    Mako wala school would take him in the 2nd semester?!! bs masken il walad yet'3arbal o his friends o sho'3lah ile met3awed 3leeh...

    if you are willing to home school him while he is at home then keep him at school ele ma menha fayda o home school him during the next semseter... this way no one would say he was home schooled if he has to be enrolled in a school to pass the grade right? bs still he would have made the most out of his cirriculum and gotten a proper education...

    ra7 tet3been akeed bs shetsaween lazim yadres il walad kilha cham shahar o yekhalis...

  6. Danderma...This is what I'm currently doing. He comes home without any homeworks... so Ok.. will do vocab and grammer today, do some reading and history the next and so on. The only subject he brings homeworks for is Arabic because when I met with her I just told her please make sure that he writes down what he has for home works and leave the rest to me. With Arabic we have no problem. but only in the main subjects because he isn't writing down or bringing his home work! No matter how many times I've sent a note to his teacher :(
    I'm not sure about if it is possible to keep him at home that's why I've started asking around.