Saturday, December 4, 2010

Diet Update - November

At the end of October beginning of November I broke the plateau I was on for a while. My nutritionist urged me to work harder to burn more calories and speed the weight loss. But then I fell ill with a mild sore throat which made me feel icky the whole time and just wanted to sit and do nothing.
Then the boys fell ill and all hell broke loose! My whole schedule went upside. I'd stay up until early morning with them, then their nanny takes over and I try to sleep but I can't since I’m a morning person, and I try to take a nap during the afternoon but you know when you're too tired you can hardly sleep? Last Wednesday I finally keeled over from stress and exhaustion. I was taken to the hospital. I still had a mild infection in my throat. I was chastised by my doctor because I wasn't eating properly. I'd stay on a latte all day until I remember I didn't eat anything and then have a salad or a sandwich. Of course I hardly sleep which I'm still struggling with. Last night I stayed up until 1.30 am and I forced myself to go to bed, but I just tossed and turned, and here I am up at 6am! I'm feeling tired, I want to go back to bed, but I'm already up and I know that I need to get back on the treadmill but I don't have the energy to do so. This week will be all about me. Taking care and rejuvenating myself.


  1. get well soon Om 3azoz :*

    n if u want to diet, go for Diet Car, in 20 days now I've lost 5kgs :D

  2. Thank you Swera :***
    Et9adgeen 3ad ma zad wazni '3air diet care w rab3a... I do get a meal from them every now and then. I'm doing much better with my nutrionist ;)

  3. salamaaatttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    inshallah you'll be ok...
    and rest up and then start again...
    health is more important
    and if anything go for gentle walks :D

  4. Cheeky Knickers allah yesalmek :* Yes true health is more important...and I'm taking care of myself ;)

  5. W3liya! Salamat hon ma etshofeen shar insha2 Allah! Take care of your self tra an untreated flu could go very wrong!!!

  6. alshar mayeech inshallah :* wallah I'm taking some meds and resting :)