Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Elemis Special Value

Early this week, I went to Spa Time for some relaxation therapy. I was so worn out, I dozed off in the middle of the massage session, and soon enough I was lightly shaken awake by the masseuse. I couldn't believe the time passed so quickly. The therapist commented that I had dark circles under my eyes and looked very much fatigued.
It was true, I didn't like what I saw in the mirror that morning. I looked pale and had those dark circles under my eyes and felt ten years older.
She suggested an eye cream which could help with the dark circles. I've been using a certain brand for a long time and was comfortable with it and skeptical of using something different. However I needed to buy new creams because the ones I had were almost finished.
Anyway she brought me this small tube of eye cream. The price was KD36 "gulp!" Since I was too tired and I couldn't think rationally, I agreed to buy it. At the counter the receptionist suggested that instead of taking one single cream in this price I can get the special offer for KD49, which consisted of the Pro- Collagen eye cream, Pro Radiance cream cleaner and Soothing Apricot Toner.
I've been using them for a almost a week, I could see a difference under my eyes. When I apply the cream I feel a surge of coolness on my skin with the dark circles slowly fading, my skin is smoother, and the toner is very cool and refreshing on the skin. I'm happy I made the choice to buy it even when I wasn't thinking straight ;p


  1. eheheh lazim yinga9 3alaina bil spa o nishtiri..bas itha ga3id yifeed ashwa:)..Elemis has this other product that I loved, when they used it on me I was the one who asked to buy it. Its called Milk Nourishing Milk Bath. ree7ta mu 6abee3iya and it softens the skin

  2. I have to try it the next time I go. I love their Japanese Camilla oil. I always ask for it when I go for a massage it makes the skin glow, but the last two times I went there, they said they were out of it and used lavender oil.