Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shirin Bano

I've got an email titled Shirin Bano. The name really got my attention, not that I know what it meant. Delicious mouth watering pictures popped in front of my eyes. Maybe it’s the hunger pangs I was having (I'm best friends with Mr.Hunger this week), the craving hit me hard and fast! (very vampric? I'm reading too much vampy books lately). The images of delicious Iranian food just danced before my eyes. I could taste it in my mouth! I wanted to try it!!! The next day I had a cup of coffee and a banana for breakfast and by lunch time I was starving and wasn't in the mood of what the cook prepared. I gingerly suggested to Fahad that we go and try it, not hoping he would say yes, since he is very addicted to his machbous, like most Kuwaiti men are. But Surprise!! He said Ok!!! Yepiiiiii!!! "And you're driving." He added. Double Yaaaaaayy!!! (Which I later found out after being stuffed with yummy rich Iranian food you could hardly open your eyes)
So we arrive there after getting a bit lost. We go in and we're greeted by friendly staff. The place is very spacious,
lots of natural light and designed in Iranian style, or what you see in most of Iranian restaurants. I loved the chandelier in the middle of the restaurant.
Their menu was very cute...notalgic Shirin Bano… Lovely Lady… I had to smile.
It is such a romantic name and can't help imagining a lovely
lady in the hot and sweaty kitchen preparing those
delicious Kababs (not so romantic!).
I love their table set. Goes so well with the
whole theme.
We place our order, Shrimp Salad, Haleem Badanjan,
Kebabs Kubedeih with Zureshk rice,
Mahi Kabab (Fahad talked me into ordering it
although I wanted the regular kebab with rice) and Shabzi Marag. Haleem Badanjan... was amazing!
Shirmp Salad.
Mahi Kabab...Hamour kabab...I skipped the fries
had a couple of spoons of rice it was ok...
The fish so and so... a bit zafra
Kubidieh Kabab
(don't know if I got the spelling right)
Shabzi... The starters arrived very quickly… a veggie platter another one with pickled veggies and cheese…Iranian bread (that wasn't fresh hot)…the shrimp salad was good, the Haleem Badanjan Sooo delicious! I ate half of it (without bread). Then the main dishes were brought. Fahad's plate look yummy…and I realized I should have ordered the same instead of the fish. Mine look cluttered and I didn't like it that much… I gave most of mine to Fahad…and ate the rest of his which was very tasty, I didn't like the Shabzi marag (it was tasteless).
Then Fahad calls the waiter. "I want one pillow and one blanket please." He asks.
The waiter was surprised, but quickly catches on to the joke and starts laughing. We order ice cream, we have to try the ice cream in restaurants.
One Bastani and one Falooda.
I didn't like the Bastani, Almond syrup (Baithan), Saffron and chocolate (not much flavor).
The Falooda was good.
All in all…it was good… the staff were friendly and the service
was quick….we went back home.. we couldn't move..tesada7na…
Of course after such a rich meal…no dinner!
I recommend you try it. I'm certainly going back there
again for a Kabab and Rice plate and maybe Marag Bamya (Okra Stew). I'm not good at giving directions so here is their number and give them
a call ;p
Tel: 1888800

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