Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm the Sultana!

قوانين التاج السلطاني اذكر اسم من طلب منك حل هذا الواجب تحدث عن ستة أسرار قد لا يكتشفها من يقابلك للمرة الأولى حول هذا الواجب إلى ستة مدونين، واذكر أسماءهم مع روابط مدوناتهم في موضوعك اترك تعليقا في مدونة من حولت الواجب إليهم، ليعلموا عن هذا الواجب

1- Reemas... chose me to answer this homework.

Most secrets are the dark side of oneself that no one knows about, it was hard

answering them :)

My Secrets:

1- I'm a published write! Ok here is the crazy thing… eons ago, a friend and I decided to visit a hypnotist, just for kicks. I went under very quickly and it turned out I'm a published writer reincarnated and the freaky part was while answering questions my voice thickened and my accent changed. Another freaky thing was I obsessively collect this author's books, before and after I went to this hypnotist! 2- I have OCD. 3-I don't hesitate to kill in cold blood to protect what is mine (my husband, Kids and home). I know how to shoot accurately assemble and disassemble a gun. 4- As pleasant and cool as I am…. I'm a live wire. I lose my temper very easily… I could be as hot as a volcano or as cold as the arctic ice and they both burn. 5-I'm very talkative… grrrrgrrrr grrrrrgrrrr garga! 6-I'm very competitive and territorial… although I do not show it. I believe in the element of surprise ;)

I chose Ansam518, The Budoir, Every Little Thing, Danderma, Abdullah, B&D


  1. Hehehe ok ill do it ill do it...

    Allaaaah how long ago was the author dead?!!! Wanasa!!! Care to give me a hint on his/her identity :p
    i went to a hypnotist once. Didn't work well for me because my mind wouldn't submit to hypnosis 3nad shasawee b3d...

    3jbtenee 3la il shooting. i want to learn bs my husband has a thing towards learning skying or shooting madry laish...

    o we have the OCD o il a3sab in common ;)

  2. My Dad taught me how to shoot...just in case I need to use it on hubby ;p

    Goergette Heyer.... she writes Historical romances and mysteries... my favorite books Grand Sophy and The Unknown Ajax...

    I think most Kuwaitis have OCD and a39ab ;p

  3. Yes! Its fun and let us know about all your darkest secrets ;p

  4. hmm wallah wihga! lol but i will try my best its not gonna b interesting ill write the first things that comes to my mind;p

  5. loooool

    i didn't expect to read that :D
    cool stuff :)
    i like shooting but only fixed targets.. not living ones.

    as for ansam i wanted to invite her too.. but i thought she is already invited. so u better do it.. this girl can shoot :p

    thx dear
    i enjoyed it

  6. Ma Vie, Its too long ;s !! o im going through my final exams right now, FA I DONT WANT TO DO ANYMORE HOMEWORK ;pP

    But ill surprise you one day with my secrets ;) ;p

  7. The Boudoir... You're a good sport! you're deepest darkest secrets! ;p

    Reemas! I will shoot and you will fix! ;p glad I surprised you ;) Yes I want to know her secrets too...maybe I'll hold her hostage at gun point until she confesses ;p

    Every Little Thing!!! My dear exams comes first! and I will be waiting for those secrets some of these days ;)

  8. wow..quite true actually..this didnt even cross my mind the first time i saw u :)
    i have always wanted to go to a hypnotist just for fun!! those were some interesting secrets u have got there :)
    i have done mine too..

  9. That summer in London,my friend and I, we went to a hypnotist and a couple of days later to a tarrot reader and both of them freaked us out!!! Although I don't believe in these stuff but they were pretty accurate and the tarrot reader was scary!!!