Saturday, May 22, 2010

LoFat....What Happened?

It was a loooong hot stuffy day. I came back home feeling so hungry, since I had a very early breakfast and the day was so busy I didn't have time to snack. I checked out what the cook has prepared...not so appetizing. Actually...ana tenesait fee 6eba'7 al cook... and most of the time I don't like what he prepares...but Fahad has no problem with him so I can't complain much.
I was too tired to stand in the kitchen and prepare something for myself... so I took out my Bazaar food directory and browsed through the many restaurant menus.... I want something delicious and satisfying. I began drooling just going over the menus...I almost called The Kitchen since I haven't tried it before...but then I felt selfconscious. I had worked so hard during the week I didn't want to spoil my diet and my one day free is still few days ahead.
Anyway I settled for LoFat. It has been a while I haven't ordered from them. I used to order 3...4 times a week but then I stopped can't remember why. I placed an order for a roast beef sandwich, Chicken Ravioli, cesar salad and some cookies.
I love LoFat...don't get me wrong... but I don't know, did they change their recipes or did they change the cook. Or it wasn't that persons day when he or she prepared the meal, because it wasn't that good. It used to be full of flavor.

Their sandwich changed. They used to have that

special sauce (roasted red pepper with mayo and a little ketchup I think)

This time they had something different in it, if it wasn't for the roasted veggies

it would have been tasteless.

The Cesar Salad wasn't that good also.

The Chicken Ravioli was very salty and I can't taste any

chicken, I couldn't finish the small portion I had on my plate.

The cookies were dry.

LOFat What Happened?


  1. Did you get the food from the Jabriya branch??

    Truth is, the Jabriya branch really sucks, the food arrives dry and tasteless, unlike the Shaab branch. I actually stopped ordering because I thought the quality of the food has really deteriorated, but the other day I passed Shaab and picked up something, and it was as great as it used to be. I also ordered from the Fahaheel branch (to work), and it was bad.

    So LoFat mgmt if ur reading this, do something abt ur other branches!

  2. I think it is the Shaab branch its the closest to where I live.
    I'll give it a second try soon, I just hope the management would do something about it. It is one of my favorite guilt free places to eat from!