Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Diet Update - April

I'm doing well I'm sticking to my diet and exercise. I added cycling in my everyday routine. I started with 15min and now I'm at 30min.By the time I'm done I could hardly stand straight and feel my legs. I wonder how those professional cyclists do it. But I'm imagining my pink bicycle and the beautiful winter weather, inshallah etha allah a7yani by next winter you'll see me cruising in my pink bicycle.
This is the bike I want!!Look it even
has a cup holder!
Still searching for it. It is there on
the website, but none of the sellers have it yet.
I'm thinking of adding Yoga to my routine. I used to do yoga after I had Ahmed. It did my body a lot of good easing off the aches and pains after pregnancy. It is such a powerful exercise.
Dieting is hard. With my kind of job… it is very hard. About a week ago I was studying a recipe and looked at the picture it was sooo YummY!!! And the craving of having something sweet hit me hard! It was around 11:30pm the whole house was quiet and everyone was asleep. I try to ignore the craving. No. I've worked hard on my diet. No. I won't go there. I get up and go to the Kitchen and open the fridge. I grab an ice cold bottle of water and my eyes zeros on the Sara Lee marble pound cake (Fahad's favorite). My mind makes a quick flip. 1 slice of Pound cake cut in half with a teaspoon of Nutella! Zap it for few seconds in the microwave and I have something out of this world. I shake my head shutting away this destructive thought and take big gulp from my icy water. There! It will ease off the craving. I close my recipe book. Not a good time to study any recipes. Turn on the TV… nothing…OSN is sooo boring. I put it on mute and pick up the novel I'm reading. My mind goes back and forth to the pound cake and the Nutella! No! No! NO! I just can't! and a painful headache starts. God!!! Just this time, just to ease the headache off! My Will is weak and I give in! I rush to the Kitchen and prepare this delicious combination of cake and chocolate! I take the first bite. The cake warm and tender, melting immediately with the chocolate spread! I swoon. I close my burning eyes. Yes! I'm crying as I eat it, not because I'm enjoying it, because I have given in to my chocolate addiction! Thus the midnight binging…on and off begins and one of the reasons why my weight loss is so slow. Is there any medication to chocolate addiction? However when it comes to my regular meals I'm good. So for the next two days I stuff the boys with Nutella until the jar finished. Not that they need some energy, mashallah, but after a nutella tartine I take them to the pool at their favorite club and let them take out whatever craziness hit them after the chocolate snack. No more Nutella in my house unless I'm going to use it for a recipe that same day ; )


  1. I feel you... truly feel you wallah

    3ndena o 3ndich khair...

    thats why i keep lo fat non sugar diabetes friendly vanilla ice cream in the fridge and dark chocolate in my cupboard... for cases like these i would eat a bite of dark chocolate, bo6ol may fogah... or turkish coffee... leen tense7en chabdi o khalas no more craving :(

    dieting is hard...

  2. Danderma... I keep lo fat products too. When it comes my meals I only use lo fat and sugar free. But that addiction... I'm like an alcoholic who works in a winery....there isn't chocoholic anonymous right? ;ppp I resist all day...then when no one is watching at night...you can just imagine the attack on the chocoltes ;p *sigh*... allah kareem ;)

  3. wai nafs il i7saas..i let my sister finish the whole jar before i even see it! diet sucks! bas mashallah cycling for 30min is great laylahillah allah ytamim..i do 10min o 3ugubha la7ad yikalimni:P

  4. Boudoir...LOL!!! you know the body releases endrophins after you exercise? I call it my happy drug ;p one of the reasons I exercise ;pp another one is I want my body back!!! A third reason I have decided to participate in a Triathlon (3ala golat my hubby "kebartay w debartay" ;p ) Fourth reason... I want a family protrait...I hate taking pics of myself.. so inshallah a family protrait (magazine cover type) is part of this years resolutions ;) If only I can keep away from choclates :s

  5. ahhh i feel ya!!!!!
    only for me its "today's the last day before i cut out junk so let's eat what i want" day - and it seems to be that sort of day everyday ;p

  6. LOL!!! I'm embracing hunger this week ;) hopefully my weight will budge a little ;p

  7. ooh im addicted to bread and not any kind naaa egyptian bread i put in the middle keri cheese with red chili powder,then grill it and enjoyyyyy,,,but im on diet too so, i hate to go to the gym or walk soooo my husband got me a bike i started for 15mins just like you now im in 35mins,,i love my bike sooo much i drive it all around my area,,and im thinking of coloring it pink :)
    good luck to us

  8. mimi... I like bread too but not that much into it ;) I love cheese.. and do lots of grilled cheese sandwich in the past...but stopped it for now ;p I used to put Gouda cheese tomatoes and sweet mango chutney..yum! but the cheese is soo heavy! now I live on fish or cesar salad and soup...
    Yallah inshallah when I get my bike we can go cruising around ;)
    Eeee Wallah Good luck! mafi a7ad ma yeshteki min wazna :s