Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Skating Rink at Marina Mall

The weekend before last, we were at Marina Mall with the kids, so we decided to take them to the ice skating rink on the upper level next to the Cinema and Baskin Robbins, after reading about it on Mark's blog.
Abdulaziz and his BF Yousef had a blast. But I felt the rink was naked. There are no safety measures and there was only a picket fence with sharp edges. Around the rink there isn't any hand rails for the kids to grab on.
I didn't let Ahmed go with poor baby was crying. I was sitting on edge the whole time afraid that one of them will get hurt.
It is a good idea. The wax is softer than ice, although it is cold, but if the owner would make a little effort and put some safety measures and maybe paint the walls in something that would attract the attention of the kids and maybe hire someone who skates and would engage the kids in some fun activities while skating, because the boys got bored 20min after they got in and didn't complete their hour.
We paid KD1 for an hour for each kid.


  1. LOL! Ahmedani pic... PRICELESS!

  2. He is a funny little guy... sktay Fahad took him w gare3a and zad aljeker feeh my poor baby.