Saturday, May 15, 2010

Iron Man 2

On the Weekend we went to watch Iron Man 2

We loved the first part and hoped this part was even better... well.... I really liked it... loved... just loved Robert Downy Jr.

Even Gwyneth whom I don't like that much was good. But Alkalaba Scarlet...making me a mere mortal woman hate myself..

She was amazingly HAWT!!!

The movie was so much fun to watch... Luckily the bad guys aren't Arabs or Muslims this time...but a pcycho Russian and an American!

I just love love him!!! and he was super sexy in this movie! I liked the sparks which went between her character Pepper Potts and Tony Starks...
I think Don Cheadle did a great job and in my opinion
better than Terrence Howard. And he got to wear
the suit!!!

Mickey my darling Mickey Rourke...cold calculating

vengeful villan!! Loved Him!!!

Kalba!!! I love her!

Loved Sam Rockwell!!! Loved the way he smiled

for a moment I thought it was Tom Cruise (esmallah 3alaik ya Sam

b3eed 3anek alshar!)

He was a leech! in the movie and played his part very well

except in a scene where you'll notice the smudges of his fake tan

on his hands.

Samuel L Jackson... as secret agent Furry

It was a super sexy movie and had a lot of fun watching it ;) If you didn't then don't miss it :)

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