Saturday, May 15, 2010


Strawberry Cheese Cake
Finally made it to Lakoocha...I've read so much good reviews about it I wanted to try it very badly... The atmosphere is quiet, cool and the IT place to chill out and de-stress with a couple of your friends or just a book... while you enjoy very yummy frozen yogurt in Strawberry Cheese Cake.... Pomegranate...Plain Yogurt...with of course your choice of toppings. I ordered Strawberry Cheese Cake and Pomegranate with strawberries and pineapples. I loved it and it is Fat Free! And Very Healthy!
I loved it...better than Pinkberry..but still not as good as Yogurberry in Dubai
and I'm planning to have it for breakfast sometime this week ;)


  1. sa3balt..3awafii..i like how they have the nutrition facts on the board:)

  2. allah ye3afeech.. give a try and tell me what you think ;)

  3. i like it
    but definitely not better than pink berry

  4. me really liked the strawberry cheesecake :)

  5. Beyond Q8yia... it was amazing and it is in Galaria 2000 Salmiya ;)

    B&D I like the strawberry cheesecake so much I'm craving it soo much ;p

  6. I will try it !!and it will be sure better than Pink berry o mnha la3la inshallah by the way you have only one branch right ?

  7. oh tawny astaw3eb it's a franchise :|

  8. Lol...ba6alah...Lakoocha isn't ours although we do sell yogurt gelato at our store...bas I like this one better than Pinkberry ;) It is only one store so far in Gallaria 2000 :)

  9. ooh mummyyyy
    looks so yummyyyy,,
    hey princess
    where is the one u said in dubai???

    miss ya

  10. Hey Mimi... wainch intay! '3a6a!! The one in Dubai is called Yogurberry and it is in Festival City mall next to the cinema. Try their Mango yogurt...pure yumminess! I'm trying to recreate something similar ;)