Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Easy Tone

Have you noticed the Reebok commercial on OSN? All those skinny sleek girls? Makes you want to have these shoes which will turn you into one of those girls? It is suppose to tone your legs and tushy. I was at the Athlete Foot the other week and asked about them, they still don't have them. Any idea where to get them? Has anyone tried them?


  1. I saw them last year in the UK... every time i try them on o see the price tag at7asaf o age6hom... too overprice sra7a 3la a pair of trainers that look ugly o may or may not do u good :)

  2. there is a similar but different concept of shoes from other brands. the first one is MBT anti-shoes. You can look it up in google. But they are still not available in kuwait. I saw thedm in athletic foot in bahrain city center and they are expensive. around 100 kd.
    In kuwait i saw a similar shoes as MBT called shape up shows from sketchers in the avenues. I bought one myself. its around 42 kd. they r great for maintaing posture when walking and working ur leg muscles. have a try.
    mephesto in the avenues also have similar concept. but they were out of big sizes. i need to check them out this week.

  3. Danderma I think the Reebok is around KD25-30 + shipment charge and customs... who knows it may reach KD50??? That is if I order it from Reeboks site. Yes it is over priced for a trainers. But do they deliver what they preach?? If they do then I'm willing to pay that much.

    Reemas... I saw some athletic flip flops which I saw first in Dubai..bas al9ara7a est'3laita for flipflops! can't remember the name...I did check out the sketchers they look too bulky... the other day I saw a woman wearing them while exercising maybe I'll have a second look this weekend ;) Thanks.

  4. i wanted to get them too, the adv. made me want them, but haven't read great reviews and changed my mind, you can try Fitflops, i have tried them, and they are great xx

  5. I bought them and they are AMAZING! I wear them to the gym and even to places like the grocery store or a friend's house or something. They work well!! I feel it makes a difference !! I got them for 100 dollars i think from the states (I study here)