Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Les Contes de L'Horloge Magique

When Abdulaziz was small I spoke to him in French, since I'm planning to put him in the Lycee Francaise. With his nanny he spoke in English, so by the time he got in school, he was fluent in both languages except Arabic. BIG MISTAKE!!! 7ayati kalama killa badliyat. With Ahmed I learned my mistake, since he was small I spoke with him in Arabic. Mashallah...his Arabic is more understandable than Abdulaziz's, and recently he started speaking English which is very good too. Now that he is starting school next September, Petite Section (Pre-KG, I've started speaking French with him and I'm exposing him more to French shows and DVDs during the day... even his reading hour is in French. One of the DVDs he likes to watch is Les Contes De L'Horloge Magique, a real master piece by Ladislas Starewitch. Even if you do not understand the language it is a joy to watch, and it is available at Amazon France.

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