Friday, May 28, 2010


Boost! Love Life!
I love this place! It is healthy and delicious...sugar and fat free smoothies and yogurts.
I get my fix from them almost 3-4 times a week.
The Juice Menu with a long list of selection.
They also have smoothies with wheatgrass!
Which I haven't tried yet :)
My Berry Bang getting blended! Just love love it!
But I promised myself that I'll try something different next time ;) Can't say it anybetter!
Boost is at Marina to the toddlers games...


  1. How is it healthy? its not even fresh fruit! you can get fresh fruit juice in any juice shop for 1/2 kd which is much better.

  2. Anonymous... What I always get the Berry Bang... frozen yogurt w/ frozen fresh berries. Frozen fresh is still considered healthy no?

  3. have tasted Boost at an event long back...i dont remember wht it was but it was good... :)

  4. They use fruits that have been frozen! I love their mango drink.

    They have another shop in 360 Mall and Jabriya co-op