Saturday, May 22, 2010


My free day!! My one free meal has come, still I haven't made up my mind where to go for lunch. We don't like Avenues during crowded hours so we looked around us to places near by. Japanese? It was a yes and no. Italian? Maybe. Middle Eastern? Not in the mood. Sea Food? Not really. Fahad was a bit impatient because he was hungry, as for I, I had a snack earlier so I wasn't as hungry. "Nino?" I suggested. "Yes!" He quickly got up not giving me time to reconsider my suggestion.
And to Nino we went!
Peach Belinni
Greek Salad.
Routini Slider
It has been ages I haven't been there. I remember before I got married, my friends and I go there after work at least once a week. I used to love their roasted vegetable salad (which sadly isn't on the menu anymore). We reached there, for a Thursaday, it wasn't crowded as it used to be, and when we walked in the staff were happy to see us seated. The décor is still the same. Nothing changed much, except for the crowd there. Not the usual crowd I was used to, and there were a lot of empty tables. We ordered a Greek salad, Routini sliders, Picatta Limone, Chicken & Saffron Risotto, and we shared a warm chocolate cake. I had a peach Bellini which was good. All in all, the food was good, although Fahad said my risotto was better :D, the staff were friendly and the service was quick. What I think, Nino needs a makeover.
Picatta Limone
Chicken & Saffron risotto
Warm Chocolate Cake & Vanilla ice cream


  1. 3ad I like Nino the way it is... love their interiors! I usually order the veal lemone. And I love their hot beef and potato salad (yogurt dressing) YUMMM! Its been months since I have been there

  2. I feel it needs to be revamped... I felt sad that it was half empty when we used to have such a hard time finding tables in the past. Fahad's favorite is veal lemon too ;)

  3. 3lekom bel 3afiya :D
    3ajabne ur choice of the free day! Ana kil ma6a3em il deniya 3ndi kom o Nino il 3ziz il '3alee koom... i agree with Ansam i dont want them to change a thing! Etha 3la il crowd kil il crowd ga3deen ib Aveunes now... the last time we went mako wala table o frankly during winter time a7la ga3da barra in avenues is at Nino's... I love their giant mushroom, their greek salad, their mashed potatoe, their luscious pastas, their nino pasta o their ravioli <3 when i travel abroad i actually wish there was a Nino around o now if i want a treat i go to Nino... though for a free day i would have gone to Nino avenues for lunch then crossed the 2 metres towards chocolate bar o kamalt il kharab :p

  4. Allah ye3afeech!!! I have to go there often just to remember all the mouth waterig food you mentioned ;p I didn't know there was a Nino at Avenues and in front of chocolate bar!!! ee wallah kemal Al5arab ;p