Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finally Got it Working!!

I finally got my Sony digital reader working! I'm not much of a computer wiz .... so I took it last week to Sony at Thajeej and they did their magic there. Still I had trouble buying ebooks from major online book stores such as Amazon, B&N and ebooks (which I used to buy ebooks from in the past) even Sony!!! they do not sell ebooks in our region anymore. I was royally pissed! Anyhow... stubborn me spent two days trying to upload books the "Kindle" way...from the site to the D'reader. It didn't work... :( so I resigned myself to do it the primitive way...yes primitive! with all the advancement going on in the world...I'm reduced to still upload books on the memory card!!! Well at least I got something to read...and saved upto $600 on book shipment fees...
It is very light to carry around... the reading font is like reading a book... the only thing I found myself doing is wanting to turn the page with my hand ;p
Still nothing beats the smell of paper and a heavy paperback in your hands!


  1. You should try the iBooks in the iPad. It's a great e-reader:)

  2. Hey FAH :)
    I got this Sony reader for almost 3 month now and just got it working ;p 5aleeni a7alela eshway... and I'll get the Ipad inshallah :)

  3. ee i agree with fah-buzberry! bas i think now that u have the kindle u dont need the ibook of ipad..3ad kint afakir abi kindle bas sawait research and a lot of people galaw ina loya o ra7 tit3ibeen mina..ashwani sima3t kalamhum..bas good luck with it..inshallah u find an easier way to use it:)

  4. isn't Kindle I've you I researched and it was a hassel... I've got a Sony Digital Reader I got from Dubai.
    Wallah so far it is Ok... doing its job really well and I'm ODing on books ;p