Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sue The T-ReX (Warning Lots of Pics of My Boys)

We spent all morning studying for exams and I see my poor baby is beginning to droop over his books and notes. I want to take them out but not to the usual arcade or movies or anything like that...not my kind of thing. God only knows they have enough video games and TV in their life. I wanted something different to stimulate their minds by doing something different. So while browsing on facebook the T-ReX Sue Exhibition caught my attention. I checked it out and decided it's the place I'm taking my boyos to. Its been awhile we didn't pay a visit to the Scientific Center which I totally adore! That day, the weather was amazing... if we didn't have studying to do, I would have taken them to the beach.
Abdulaziz channeling Sue
While waiting for the Center to open my boys
decided to run around the hall.

Sue The T-ReX!!! She is unbelievably gorgeous!

Her claws are scary.... I reminded Abdulaziz about a scene
on Jurassic Park so he could visualize what he is looking at.
It scared the hell out of him ;p
Ahmed was too scared. My poor baby is
having nightmares now.
We went into Discovery and found a large sandbox which is put as
an archaeological dig put for the kids. The boyos
rushed there and started digging. Abdulaziz was so excited because
he studied about archeology in school and can't believe that he is digging
for dinosaur bones. Ahmedan...doesn't know wain allah ga6a ;p
Jack Pot!!! He finds I think a hip bone from the looks of it.
So I take a turn around Discovery with Ahmed and when I get back
to Abdulaziz...
What do you know! He dug all these bones out!!!
The last time we went to the Aquarium the
Penguins were not out. They really enjoyed watching them
swimming around. Ahmed was mesmerized by them.
Shnake!! As Ahmed calls it ;p
I wanted to take a pic of Ahmed with the coral reef
fish in the background but he didn't give me a chance.
He was getting cranky and started crying.
Abdulazis swimming....
This boy is sooo fun!
They are soo tired......NOT!

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