Monday, September 20, 2010

Za3tar W Zait

After a quick early morning meeting, Fahad and I headed to Za3tar w Zait for breakfast. We love this place. Love the atmosphere and the friendly staff. It is also the only place where my boys act like civilized human beings when we take them sometimes on weekends, because they love their fatayer (pastries) so much and eat it quietly. Surprisingly the place was packet for a midweek day. "Shino ma3endhom dawamat hal basher?" Fahad commented. I started laughing at the joke. Anyway it's been awhile they've introduced a new menu which we haven't tried yet. The manager was kind enough to explain the new items on the menu and it was still possible to have some of our favorites from the old menu. So after going through the menu Fahad ordered his usually, Kashkawan w/Za3tar in Saj fateera, and Falafel in Saj Fateer.
Kashkawan w/Za3tar in Saj Fateer
Falafel in Saj Fateera
Sticking to my diet and not wanting to feel guilty after that, I ordered a Zousheh which I totally loved. It is made of multigrained dough with fresh Za3tar. The taste was wholesome like something you get at country side bakeries, sweet and sour and there isn't any bitterness to it from the fresh Za3tar as the ones I've tried before from other restaurants.
My Zousheh very delicious!
My Tea latte...was ok
The weather is getting more beautiful in the mornings, so pass by and enjoy their wonderful menu ;)

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