Monday, September 20, 2010

Books Books and More Books ;p

I haven't posted much lately. I was going through a detox diet which has numbed me from hunger and I do not recommend it to anyone who enjoys eating, and school started and I'm trying to get their school things and schedules organized. It is still a bit frustrating with Abdulaziz. Some books haven't been distributed yet and I haven't seen their class schedules. I do not know what they have or what the teacher is asking of them. The problem with this school is lack of communication between teacher and parents. And being a control freak… I'm going crazy here. Can't wait for the parents teacher meeting supposedly this week.
History this year is about the Middle Ages and Islam
It will go well with our GCE project ;)
Anyway, I placed my order of books I use as extra revision at home. The package arrived yesterday and I felt myself relaxing a little. No matter what's going on at school, I can have a head start with Abdulaziz. There is these books I've ordered and fell in love with so much. They help with reading comprehension, a weakness with Abdulaziz because he doesn't have the patience to read the whole text and then reply to the questions.
French French and more French! 3oqad akthar min
alqawa3ed al3arabi... worse than Arabic grammar
Of course we can't forget Ahmed Baik... He has
his own books too!... china sij ;p
A couple of comics which Abdulaziz enjoys reading
and it helps with his French Slang....
I know I'm neurotic...
I wish our Ministry of Education recognize Home Schooling
I'd be a happier mama :s

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