Saturday, September 11, 2010

Closets - P 1

Walk in closets/dressing room is very very important for me.
In my old house I had a walk in closet in the master bedroom
and a dressing/my room away from the boys with more closets
next to the master bedroom.
In the apartment I have a whole room as a dressing room with cupboards
from floor to ceiling around the room and only a small corner of the room
with a dainty two seater couch a mirror and a vanity table.
Now planning to build a new home. I'm making a list of the things I
want in my new home. I want a large walk in closet/dressing room ;)
I love this room!
What do you think?


  1. I just saved this post incase one day i find my other half n build my own house! my closet will hv to look like one of the above :)

  2. i love the 3rd one im guessing its oprah's dressing room =P well i agree on the necessity of having a dressing room but keep in mind the more space u have the more clutter oo dathra btzeed eli u wont remember shno 3ndich o sheno ma3ndich... the room should not be big 3ashan u can see everything u have...

    mali 5ilg i sign in

  3. Swera...why wait for your other half? why not do it now? Dont waste your life waiting ;) live your life :)

    Lemonaid..I don't think it's Oprah's dressing room, Operah's dressing room is way bigger than that ;p

    There is more to come ;) stay tuned ;)

  4. I think you should have it.... otherwise the boys will end up sharing their closets with you (or the sisters in my case :) )

  5. wooooow
    lovee it babe
    saved it too :)

  6. q8travelbud.... hehehe we took a whole half of my brother's closet too. My sisters still do in fact ;p you poor poor boys ;p

    Mimi... there is more to come!