Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reading Books For Your Child

It is two weeks since school started and until now it isn't clear what they are taking in class. It is chaos, and god only knows what the teacher is doing when my son goes to class without his homework done because we do not know what he exactly have in the first place. I just can't wait for the Parents Teacher meeting just to know what his teacher is up to. Mean while, I'm using the books I've ordered from Amazon France to prepare him for the lessons he is taking in class. I just wonder why we do not have homeschooling in Kuwait!!! It is very frustrating!
The story we're currently reading is called the Fairy,
with a wonderful moral about generosity, honesty and respect.
One of the books we are using, and I'm totally in love with it, is a Reading book with 4 different types of stories, the first story is a fairy tale, the second a short novel, the third a graphic book kind of story and the fourth are four short scenes of comedic theater. It is the kind of book which exposes the child on the different types of reading and enjoying stories. On the right side of each page there are the hard words and their definitions. With the story book comes an exercise book. At the end of every chapter of each story, there are exercises and questions to answer to see if the child has understood what he was reading. I'm wondering if there is something similar in English? So far I looked but couldn't find anything.


  1. That's really good if you're encouraging you children to read, nowadays it's really sad that kids rarely spend time to read unless it's to do school work..
    Growing up reading was my favourite activity and especially at bedtime..

  2. It is more or less forcing him to read :s with TV, computers and Video games on his mind... reading is the last thing he'd think of unless I oblige him to do it ;p and this is more extra work than enjoyment ;p